Charged with 2400V, Eduardo lost an arm, ribs, muscle mass, and nearly his life, but more important than what he lost is what he found. As Director of Photography and Field Producer, Wild Vision Films is incredibly proud to have helped bring this film to the big screen. 


An american ascent tells the story of the first african american team to attempt the summit of denali - the highest peak in north america. The team has been inspiring diversity in the outdoors across america and the film has helped take that message worldwide 


It's hard to make banking fun. First Interstate Bank asked us to create an engaging commercial to capture the attention of football fans who would prefer to be getting another beer rather than watching an ad. so we gave them "the super fans" 


The Montana Office of Tourism needed to show the world what an amazing place the big sky state can be. instead of telling travelers how great it was, we found people to do that for us. The influencer campaign was born with web, print and social ads following the film lead


Vasque FOOTWEAR needed a high energy video to drive people to their social media campaign, but did not have a whole lot of time or resources to make it happen. They did have some great photos. Which we turned into great content. 



the Founder of Wild Vision Films, George potter, has traveled the world as a conservation biologist and filmmaker. Growing up in Australia and now based in Montana, he has produced documentary and commercial work for outdoor companies, environmental groups, government organizations and businesses looking to enhance their brand. Most recently he raised over one hundred thousand dollars on Kickstarter to document the first african american team to attempt the summit of Denali - NOrth America's highest peak. He has a Bachelor's degree in zoology and a Masters in science and natural history filmmaking. 




CATEGORISING film as DOCUMENTARY, FICTION OR ADVERTISING USED TO MAKE SENSE. THESE DAYS the lines are blurred and everything falls under one banner - Content. THERE are only two types - GOOD AND BAD. VIEWERS CAN engage with an environmental movement on facebook, identify with a brand commercial on youtube, OR watch game of thrones on Hbo. If the content makes them feel something and take action it's good. If they switch the channel, swipe to the next screen or decide to text a friend instead, it's bad. Video not only keeps people engaged longer, it's the kind of content to make them more likely to care and ultimately act. We've worked in the advertising, conservation, political, social justice and documentary worlds. But ultimately, we just make great content that keeps viewers engaged and gives them a reason to follow your brand, buy your product, hit the like icon or SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE.






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